What Can I Do?


I have been animating and designing for over eleven years on projects for TV, web, games and feature film. I was trained to animate traditionally with pencil and paper and now I use Flash, After Effects, CelAction and Cinema 4D.

I’ve worked on a lot of animated kids shows such as Nina Needs to Go, Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Toot the Tiny Tugboat. I was lead animator for the Dad’s Army special ‘A Stripe for Frazer’ produced for BBC Worldwide. I’ve also animated several short films for the Youtube channel School of Life and produced several videos for internal NHS use.

I’m available to work in-house in Bristol, Cardiff and the local area, and remotely from anywhere in the world.



1 Minute Showreel

Contains character animation work.

4 Minute Showreel

Contains character animation in extended scenes and motion graphics work.

Over 11 years experience.



What can I offer?



I can provide motion graphics to enhance audio and communicate ideas to your audience in a variety of styles to suit your requirements.


I will bring your idea from script to completion taking care of every detail from storyboard, character design and composite through to the final edit.


Bringing characters to life is the most essential part of any animated project. With over eleven years experience you can rely on me to deliver every time.

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